Stephanie Unger's Cute Imagination & Moment In Life

Stephanie Unger's Cute Imagination & Moment In Life

Stephanie Unger is an artist and illustrator currently based in Brighton/ London. She uses fun colous and peppy icons as an approach when she first started drawing. Her style is made up of things that have influenced her over the years and what naturally comes out on paper. It is playful and is built up of bold colors and simple shapes. Clients include: Lush, Grindr, Refinery29, Footpatrol, Deliveroo, JumpFromPaper,Gilles Peterson worldwide, Scoop magazine, Zeit Leo, Kanpai magazine, Olow trademark.

Stephanie Unger X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Let’s check out the interview between Stephanie Unger and JumpFromPaper 

  • Could you please help us name your graffiti backpacks? 

 "Pussy Power Backpacks". 

Stephanie Unger X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  • Could you please tell us more about the concepts of the design? Why cats? Any details from the backpack you want people to know? 
Originally the exhibition was going to be an all-female exhibition which is why I decided to go with the female empowering message “Pussy Power”. Naturally, the imagery of cats came from this. 
Stephanie Unger X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag
  • When did you discover your artistic talent? Are you from a creative family?

I’ve always really enjoyed drawing since I was a kid and I just never really grew out of it. My parents haven’t got creative jobs but my dad definitely has a creative side to him. My Uncle, Jim Unger,  was actually a well-known cartoonist who did newspaper comic strips and brought out his own books. He actually received an appreciation letter from Frank Sinatra once. ( I’m so jealous omg ) 

  • Where’s your favorite gem to find inspiration?

I LOVE going to Gift shops when I’m on holiday!  Spending my time in shops browsing and accumulating random weird crap brings me so much joy. I actually have a lot of it pinned up in my studio to keep me inspired. 

Stephanie Unger X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  • How do you style your room? Is your room also as colorful as your drawing?

No, I wish! I share my room with my lame boyfriend so I have to keep it tame.  I’ve recently got my first studio though and I’m slowly building that up to be as close to my brain as possible! 

  • What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Ummm…crazy as in walking along a narrow cliff face with only a metal chain stopping you from falling to your death? Or crazy as in bleaching my hair and eyebrows orange? 

  • Where is the best place you have visited?

It has to be between Japan or my road trip around west America. I actually went to this amazing place last month called Havasupai which is an oasis in the Grand Canyon.  It's a 10-mile hike to get there but it has the most beautiful blue streams and waterfalls.  

  • If you were an animal, what would it be? Why?

If time wasn’t a limitation then I’d definitely be one of Freddie Mercury’s cats. 
😺 1. Because I’d get to hang out and sit on Freddie’s lap.
😻 2. You know he’s got lots of money to give you premium quality cat food.
😹 3. Because he got portraits of his cats and how many animals can say they’ve had their portraits painted? 

  • If JumpFromPaper were a leading role in your drawing, what animal would it be?

Freddie Mercury’s other cat. 

Stephanie Unger X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  • How did you reward yourself when selling out your first-hand screen printed product?
I honestly can’t remember but It probably involved consuming a scary amount of food. 

  • Is there any fun or touching stories between you and your followers?
Someone who was studying at college wanted to interview me for their art course. It's honestly the best thing ever knowing that your work is inspiring other people and their own creative path. 
  • Could you please share with people why you want to become an artist?
Drawing is how I love to express myself and the fact I can make a living off that and inspire people is awesome. 
  • What advice would you give to young artists? 
Always keep love at the center of what you do. 

 Check out more on Stephanie's website &  Instagram Account @stephanieunger


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