Alex Foxley, the Optical Illusion Animator We Love Right Now

Alex Foxley, the Optical Illusion Animator We Love Right Now

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Alex Foxley, a 24-year-old British multidisciplinary artist/ designer currently based in Barcelona. He graduated from the Norwich University of the Arts last year with a degree in Commercial Photography and has spent the last couple of years sharing his illustration and animation through Instagram. With a love for bold colors and eye catching-patterns, he is expertise in bold-colored design and striking geometric patterns. 

JumpFromPaper Cool Cartoon Bag_Stacked


Red, Yellow, Blue! Alex helped JumpFromPaper design the graffiti bag with block panels and graphic stripe pattern. 

JumpFromPaper Cool Cartoon Bag

To know more about this young artist, let's check our interview with him.  

  • Could you please help us name your graffiti backpacks?

Alex: "RYB"

  • Could you please tell us more about the concepts of the cartoon bags? Any details from the backpacks you want people to know?

Alex: My work tends to feature block colors and striking geometric patterns. When it came to designing the bag I knew it had to be bold, bright and playful, I wanted to create a design which would perfectly compliment JumpFromPaper's 2D silhouette. So, I included block panels in red, yellow and blue and painted the uncovered area in a graphic stripe pattern.

  • Could you please share with people why you want to become an artist?

Alex: Ever since I was a kid I had always been interested in expressing my creativity, whether that was through drawing, painting or building. It's safe to say that the urge to be creative has followed me about in some form or another as an adult. I have found so much enjoyment out of being able to share my creativity and bring some of my bright and optimistic work into peoples lives and I am incredibly lucky to be able to do that in my career!

  • What advice would you give to young artists? 

Alex: Keep creating and be patient! I started off spending a couple of hours every day creating small illustrations and posting them on Instagram. As months went on I found my style and sense of direction and this really allowed me to be more ambitious and confident with my work.

  • Could you please share with our fans some of your amazing GIF ideas?  

Alex: The first one is "Bubble Gum", and the second one is "Cube". 

JumpFromPaper Cool Cartoon Bag_Bubble Gum

JumpFromPaper Cool Cartoon Bag _Cube

Alex also helps us create some interesting GIFs, which you are going to fall in love with!  

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag _Show Love!

JumpFromPaper Cool Cartoon Bag _Donut Time

JumpFromPaper Cool Cartoon Bag _Hello, Everyone! 

JumpFromPaper Cool Cartoon Bag _Thankful! 

Check out his website & Instagram Account @alexfoxley for more information!

Wanna design a unique cartoon bag just like Alex?
Cartoon Bag

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Awesome designs!

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