Debby Woo: Arts that heal the broken hearts

Debby Woo: Arts that heal the broken hearts

Debby Woo, a talented illustrator/artist/writer grew up in Taiwan and currently live in France. She was known as Debby Woo since 2012 as she talk about relationship with her drawing, and she published her first and second illustration relationship books,《DebbyWoo's Love Encyclopedias》and《Debby Woo's Handbook for Healing a Broken Heart》.  Her works focus on discussing love relationship and sense of security, with the idea of how we addicted to social media nowadays, she plays with elements such as computer, phone, and mixed them into her painting to create a strange and interesting scene.
JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag


Debby Woo has collaborated with JumpFromPaper, designing her own 2D bags! She wanted to present a style with both cute and cool. 

Debby Woo like to express her own thoughts on love by drawing. Let's take a look at Debby Woo's artwork collaborated with JumpFromPaper. She called these two backpacks "Oui Oui", which means “yes yes” in French. 

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Wonder why she named her backpacks "Qui Qui"? Let's check out Debby Woo's exclusive interview with JumpFromPaper. 

  • Could you please tell us more about the concept of the design? Any details from the backpack you want people to know?
I imagined if JumpFromPaper is a person, how will your computer desktop looks like, and based on your brand personality: Proactive, courage to try new thing I add windows on it with the message “kiss her” and “follow me”, the two were also used as internet language. And you can answer if you’re willing to “kiss” or “follow” by using the end of bag strap, there’s “♡  K (OK)” and “N ♡ (NO) ” on each side.
JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag
  • We found a lot of pop-up windows in your artworks. Do they have any special meaning?

To me, pop-up windows mean rationality and drawing means sensibility. I put them in one picture, and It’s kind of a mix I like. 

  • Could you please share with people why you want to become an artist?

I think “become an artist” means constantly improve your skills and strengthening yourselves to become more and more professional, and it doesn’t matter which field you’re in, becoming an artist is not a choice, say it more accurately it’s a direction, and that’s what I’m doing right now.

  • Living in Paris, what is the most exciting thing to you every day?

Going to school!  I finally got to the school that I’ve been prepared for over a year. 

Debby Woo X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  • What’s your wearing style?

I like to wear comfortably and conveniently, and I'm recently crazy about vintage sports style. 

  • What's the relationship do you think between fashion and art?

I think there is a huge overlap between these two. It’s hard to separate one from the other. 

Debby Woo X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  • Where do you usually draw?

I like to draw over music. or talk show. I usually draw at home cause I’m always lazy to bring my laptop out. 

  • Among all of your drawing experience, is there any cooperation that leaves a deep impression on you?

Last year, I did a project called, ”Insecure Asian Girls”. It's a collaboration with the girls I've been following on Instagram for quite a long time. I asked them a list of questions about their thoughts of love, and their answers became the elements and inspiration of my art.

Debby Woo X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  •  What's your next step?

My desktop series “Asian Girls Insecure” “CHINA. GIRLS” were featured on I-D UK, I-D China, Metal Magazine, Cosmopolitan Taiwan.

Now I focus more on writing about her “live together life in France with my boyfriend” and trying a new way to present her works other than drawing.

  • What advice would you give to young artists?  

When you feel lost about your style just keep doing what you’ve been doing, accumulate enough works will help you find the answers.

  • Any other thoughts you want to share with us?

I’ve been trying to change my style from presenting “cute” to something that is more like me. It’s gonna be a long way to go. 

Check out the video for more of her works!! And, don't miss out her website: here

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JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag


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