Robin Eisenberg, A Curious Girl With Her Outer Space Arts

Robin Eisenberg, a Curious Girl Who Enjoys Dreaming about the Possibility of Life on other Planets

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The Artist, Robin Eisenberg, grew up obsessed with sci-fi and fantasy books/movies/games, comes from a family of Trekkies and she loves every Star Trek series. 

Robin Eisenberg X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Collaborated with JumpFromPaper, Robin Eisenberg wanted each cartoon backpack to look different. 

She created a pattern using some of her favorite shapes and objects for one, and for the other, she thought it would be fun to draw the cartoon backpack more like a canvas and paint a portrait on it.

Robin Eisenberg X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Wanna know more about her? We have some interesting questions for her:

  • If you could live on the other planets, where do you want to be?

Somewhere between two moons and craters and epic sunsets and lots of interesting plants and animals. 

  • Name one of your favorite movie and the reasons for that?

Hackers! 😍  Rollerblading, vinyl pants, 90s computers, that Acid Burn haircut… all so amazing.

  • Who is your favorite artist?

SO MANY! A few, right now, are Kristen Liu-Wong, Lorraine Sorlet, Bodil Jane.

Robin Eisenberg X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag
  • Your pet peeves?

When people think a career in art or illustration is just a hobby when my computer cable doesn’t quite reach my laptop from the outset when I want to floss but I only have an inch of floss left. 🙄  

  • What is the bravest decision you have made in your life?

Quitting a safe job to become a full-time artist. I don’t know if it was the bravest, but it was definitely the best decision! 

  • Have you ever experienced creative blocks?

Yes! Definitely. When that happens I try my best to break up my routine by doing something I’ve never done before, going somewhere I’ve never been, or just revisiting a book or place that has always inspired me. 

Robin Eisenberg X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  • What is your next step?

I would really love to start working on larger scale pieces. (i.e. a mural or large canvas). I also want to start working on more extensive animations and videos. Oh, and draw an entire graphic novel! So many plans. 

To learn more about her, check out her Instagram Account @obineisenberg and her website.

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2 commentaires


Ommmmmmg how do I get one of these colab bags ?? She’s literally my favorite artist


I want to purchase the bags Robin E. created. May i?

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