ZEBU, The Street Art Duo

ZEBU, The Street Art Duo

ZEBU, the Berlin-based artist duo, both grew up in the graffiti culture, paint the city with their bright and cheerful illustration. Creating bold lines and patterns, they like to experiment with different materials and techniques to have different sparkles every time.

Flashy colors, shapes, and bold drawings are the trademark of ZEBU

Inspired by nature, people and the city, Zebu brings us hope and humorousness to this mundane life.

ZEBU X JumpFromPaper Catoon Bag

ZEBU X JumpFromPaper Catoon Bag

Recently, ZEBU had a lot of fun customizing our cartoon bag. 

They named the cartoon backpack "Ein Spaziergang".

ZEBU X JumpFromPaper Catoon Bag

To know more about this amazing art duo, let's take a look at the interview.

  • Could you please help us name your graffiti backpack?  
We usually plan a lot of our paintings. We talk about the shapes, compositions, and colors in advance. But, for this project, we tried to not overthink it and just started painting. So there the concept for the bag was to have no concept and just enjoy the process of painting and creating.
  • Could you tell us a little about both of your background?

We both grew up in Berlin. In 2015 we founded ZEBU, a creative duo which is active in the field of illustration, painting, and screenprinting. Our Studio is full color as well as weird, humorous and bold characters which find their home in print products, murals, and exhibitions. 

  •  How did you know each other, and came to work together as ZEBU?

We both have our roots in the graffiti and urban art culture. We met there around 2007 and started to work together. First, it was just painting next to each other, then small collaborations while painting and then we ended up working on one piece together. It all came quite naturally.

  • We all know that “two brains work better than one.” However, what if you encounter a discrepancy, how do you work it out?

Discuss it, try to find out what is that thing that does not work. Then we find a way together to make it work. Communication is a big and important part of our collaboration.

  • Your work contains lots of vivid colors, color blocking, and geometric shapes. How does it relate to your personalities? 

We are both very organized persons. To reduce the forms and elements in our works has a lot to do with creating balanced compositions, it’s a satisfying process. Almost like tidying up in your head. 

ZEBU X JumpFromPaper Catoon Bag

  • Your art has a strong visual language. How did you find your style along the way? 

The way we paint is a result of the way see the things around us. When we look at an object, shape or figure we feel the need to reduce its form and make it more abstract. We like to erase all the unimportant information and focus on the essence. Through this creative process, our work becomes bold and dynamic.

  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Big time cooking!

  • Favorite place to travel?

It’s interesting everywhere, it always depends on who you meet and what you see. But so far Iceland and Japan were fascinating.

ZEBU X JumpFromPaper Catoon Bag

  • Any exciting project coming up this year?

There a lot of things planned like international exhibitions and some mural projects. Let's hope it’s all going to work out! 

  • Could you please share with people why you want to become an artist?
As artists, we can do what we are passionate about, the whole day, the whole week, the whole month, the whole year. That’s bananas!
  • What advice would you give to young artists?
Do not forget to take breaks!
  • What is something that you want to try but never had a chance to do so?

We would love to do a mosaic one day!

  • Name three best things living in Berlin.

It’s a green city, it’s full of inspiration and of course our friends.

ZEBU X JumpFromPaper Catoon Bag

Check out more information on ZEBU's website | Instagram Account @z_e_b_u & stay tuned with us!  

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Cartoon Bag


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