Literally coming out of the cartoon? Incredible Wall Photoshoot Ideas for You

Literally coming out of the cartoon? Incredible Photoshoot Ideas for You

Did JumpFromPaper 2d design surprise you a lot when you first found out our bag literally looked like it's coming out of a cartoon? We bet the answer is a definite "yes". Now, imagine you're standing in front of a wall, taking a picture with our cartoon bag. Will your photo get lots of attention from your friends? Again, we bet the answer is a definite "yes".

Here are some incredible wall photoshoot ideas for you. 

  • With an interesting background and a cartoon bag, people will not get tired of your photos. Both of the bags and the graffitis actually work so well with each other. And, instead of looking at their cameras directly, they interact with the graffiti walls so well. These are gorgeous! 

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Left: Idea by @roy_fer; Bag: Cactus Cartoon Bag    |  Right: Idea by @beegilbz; Bag: Black Stripe Backpack

  • It's unclear when polka-dots first became popular.  We just knew that polka-dots are back in 2018 spring and summer. These irregular polka dots definitely catch attention from every fashionista. Plus, she also gets the eye-catching cartoon backpack, right? 

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Idea by @_hollysmith; Bag: Minion Yellow Spaceman Backpack


  • Apart from just looking cool, these walls themselves are the contemporary artworks by Roy Lichtenstein. At the same time, their bags don't just outshine the artworks. How amazing are these photos?  

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Left: Idea by @lifeaspax; Bag: Black Stripe Backpack  | Right: Idea by @kothoma; Bag: Graffiti Black Backpack 


    • In some places like Australia, California, Chicago, Huston, or Detroit, they encourage artists to create murals or street art. In fact, there must be plenty of graffiti artworks in your city, too. You just need to find the right one. And, almost every street art has a message or meaning behind it. As the street art lover, we love these photos capture the idea behind the wall and show the cool bags as well. 
    JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag Left: Idea by @michellebeetan; Bag: Coo Coo Pink Backpack  | Right: Idea by @jmmca; Bag: Black Stripe Backpack 


    JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

    Left: Idea by @kawaiikunicorn; Bag: Adventure Pink Backpack  | Right: Idea by @taintedpolaroids; Bag: Adventure Red Backpack

    Tag #jumpfrompaper and show us how creative you can be

    Are you in love with these wall photos? These days, it seems that creative wall photos are all over social media. Looking to get up on the trend? Next time if you find anything amazing in your city, just stand in front of it and take a photo with one of our cartoon bags. Be creative and your fabulous pic may show up on our page. 


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