JumpFromPaper X Polished Girlz:  You Are Never too Young to Change the World.

JumpFromPaper X Polished Girlz: You Are Never too Young to Change the World

Alanna Wall, the 18-year-old American girl who has been recognized nationally as the youngest Dayton Ted X Talk speaker, the youngest mentor for the BizWomen Mentor Monday, and the featured guest on the Ellen Show. She may be young, but she's ready for the magnificent plan, telling people that you are never too young to change the world.

Alanna Wall, the Inspiring Girl behind Polished Girlz 

When she was 10, she founded the nonprofit organization, Polished Girlz, which polishes patients or girls with special needs.  At first, she just had a passion for service and art. She soon realized that what she was doing was more than just painting nails. It was giving girls a companion, making them feel beautiful, and creating a space where they did not have to think about the troubles of their illness. Every November, she holds the Annual Polished Girlz Ball in a different city inviting over 150 guests and a special group of children for an evening they will never forget. Now, the Polished Girlz has served over 18,000 clients in 32 States of America and has over 900 volunteers.

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag X Alanna Wall Polished Girlz

Let's Get to Know More about This Coolest Angel for Kids

  • What is the most heart touching thing that someone has ever said to you?

Alanna: I think one of the most heartwarming things I have heard came from the seven-year-old boy with terminal cancer. His personality was infectious. Whether he was singing or telling us jokes, he always kept a smile on our faces. I will never forget his love for superheroes. Whenever we asked him what color he wanted, he would always say that he either wanted “black to be a rock star” or “clear because it would be his superpower to make him invisible to cancer”. He made me realize what I was doing really mattered.

  • Apart from the Polished Girlz, you support hospitals, chemotherapy centers, dialysis centers, and private referred clients. Could you tell us some more about these?

Alanna: There are some cases where the hospital called us to cheer up the kids who were having a particularly rough day. These kids are some of the sickest in the hospital. It is so touching that the hospital trusts us around them. Seeing them grow up and become more and more comfortable with us is just the best feeling in the world. The more we connect with them, the closer we are with their families. And so, their moms will let us know when is the best time to come by.

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag X Alanna Wall Polished Girlz

  • Where do you see the Polished Girlz in five years?

Alanna: I started polishing at our Down Syndrome Association at the age of 10. I joined their monthly meetings polishing the kids' nails and keeping them occupied. At the same time, their parents would get vital support and information about their healthcare needs.  I was truly making a difference. Every time when I looked into the faces of the girls that I polished, I knew that they felt the impact of what I had started with a few bottles of nail polish and some glitter. Polished Girlz was bigger than me. I am running a business and my impact is growing through talk shows, new programs, and the social media. I am excited about my education and I know that it will only make me a better businesswoman. I hope that I can grow my nonprofit organization to be one of the largest female-owned nonprofits in the world serving children all over the globe and encouraging kindness from my youth volunteers.

  • You’ve collaborated with different brands since you started out. As the nail artist, what do you like most about JumpFromPaper?

Alanna: I discovered JumpFromPaper from their amazing Instagram. I remembered showing the photos to my mom because I couldn't tell if they were the real bags. I love how a simple idea has allowed so many people to showcase their styles and creativity. I think it is so cool when artists are able to take the blank canvas of the JumpFromPaper bag and turn it into something totally their own. Similar to Polished Girlz, JumpFromPaper embodies the idea of wearable art; whether on your nails or on your shoulder, you are able to show the world what your imagination has to offer.

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag X Alanna Wall Polished Girlz

Polished Girlz is looking for new members. 
Find out more about Alanna's mission on the Polished Girlz Page and @polishgirlz.