Giorgia Perini, the Unique Italy girl with her camera, helped JumpFromPaper film an amazing video

Giorgia Perini, the Unique Italy girl with her camera, helped JumpFromPaper film an amazing video

Giorgia Perini, grow up with her family in Riva Del Garda (ITALY), a wonderful place where people come to relax withfriends. Followed her dad at many exhibitions, she always loves to capture the most important momentswith her film-camera and camera angle.

Giorgia Perini won 2017 Royal Television Society Award for the film that she collaborated with JumpFromPaper

Collaborated with JumpFromPaper, Giorgia Perini shared that her ideas come by different ways, including a walk in nature, in the middle of the city, watching people, a mood board full of images, a dream.  All can inspire creativity!

To realize more about this unique girl, let's check out Giorgia Perini's exclusive interview with JumpFromPaper.

  • What attracted you to study filmmaking and inspired you to make the move from IT to the UK?

I moved to Uk in order to get new vibes and learn filmmaking in a British environment as in my opinion it is the best way to learn the English language. In film and media platforms, we use to communicate with international people and the communication is essential for this job.

Giorgia Perini X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

iorgia Perini X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

  • Why do you choose JumpFromPaper as your topic for your final year project?

I have followed your creations since ages and it was love at first sight.  JumpFromPaper was my first desire when I choose to investigate fashion advertising techniques, as the topic for my dissertation, and make one commercial advert. It came true! You are unique! How did the idea come about of representing JumpFromPaper to different generations? A deep brand identity and target research were made to find the final idea. JFP is a fantastic brand, which requires a sporty and cuteness feeling. At this point, I thought what is the best game to cover all these requirements?! Noughts and crosses (or Tic-Tac-Toe) game #! People are used to playing this game since very young age at school, at work and during holidays !! It is also the most “social game” as the layout reminds the HASHTAG # used on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, for example.  

  • Do you have any funny story that you can share with us during filming?

YES!  Last scene. I was on set with Diana Perini, my personal Makeup Artist and twin sister, and Alessia Perini, the lovely model in the advert ( She is my little sister too). We were so tired and it was one of the last shot to record. We almost finished shooting. Some glasses were filled up for the last scene. When I said “Action”, Alessia starts acting and she hit the glasses and the water fallen to the paper walls! We couldn’t believe it!!

  • The music really sets the tone, what’s the inspiration came from?

For a creative product like JFP, It might be stupid using common music! I took inspiration by watching WAITING ROOM, a fashion advert directed by Matteo Grimaldi and Giacomo Boeri.

I started to think something relates to the bag sound and I designed a funny and dynamic music, in which the visual was connected to the sound. Once I designed it I asked Josh Bellingham, a UK young talented composer to create it and the result was brilliant!  

iorgia Perini X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag  

  • What have you learned from your first film?

OMG, You make me laugh!!! My first shooting was terrible!!! From my first video, I have learned a lot ( from the pre-production work to the post-production). I realized how better is keeping the simplicity of a video and how important is to learn all the three film production steps to obtain a good film. 

  • Why was the most challenging thing about making the film?

The most challenging thing is making the idea real for the project. It means to be able to find the right props, clothes, locations, model to create something that doesn’t exist yet.

iorgia Perini X JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag


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