Gift Guide for Him and Her:  5 Cool Cartoon Bags to Buy from JumpFromPaper

Gift Guide for Him and Her: 5 Cool Cartoon Bags to Buy from JumpFromPaper

Everyone needs a present and you don't want to be a terrible gift-giver. If you need to send a fancy present for him or her, cartoon bags seem to be a perfect choice. It looks cool and unique. And, it goes with virtually every style. We have just completed the gift guide to make your gift choosing process easier.  

Top 1. Personalised Gift: Graffiti Black Spaceman Backpack 

When it comes to a bag, black seems to be a very safe color for both men and women.  If you want something classic and cool at the same time, you definitely should pick our graffiti cartoon bag. And, as you may already know, you can draw graffitis on this backpack.  A personalized graffiti will make your gift unforgettably nice.  

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Left: OOTD by @karolinekato | Right: OOTD by @mike_cchien

Top2. Energetic Gift: Minion Yellow Spaceman Backpack

Need something young and energetic? Our minion yellow backpack may be the gift you are looking for. Yellow is one of the classic unisex colors. Plus, the bag can hold just enough items, like Macbook, phone, water bottle, and wallet. It's well-suited to commuting and traveling, which means it will not only serve her/him for weekends but 9-5, too. 

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Left: OOTD by @raffy_run | Right: OOTD by @thetomconran & @_hollysmith

Top3. Comfort Gift: Airy Blue Spaceman Backpack

Other than yellow, airy blue is one of the popular unisex colors. It's the color of the sky, the color of the air, and the color of summer. Whenever you look at it, it just calms you down quickly. For productive workers and students, an airy blue backpack is always a good companion.  

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Left: OOTD by @_hollysmith | Right: OOTD by  @ned_edits

Top 4. Dream Gift: Cheese Sky Blue Messenger Bag

The Cheese Sky Blue Bag is one of our favorite collections. We collaborated with one of China's biggest music companies, called Modernsky Entertainment, on this bag. We think a little vintage shape and sky & cloud patterns are perfectly suited for dream chasers. Let's dream higher than the sky. 

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Left: OOTD by @guvmanian & @irrisrray | Right: OOTD by  @ned_edits

Top 5. Fabulous Gift: Watermelon Red Spaceman Backpack

For women, watermelon red makes you look fab and young. For men, watermelon red is a great match for any darker ensemble, white shirt, and denim jeans. If he/she is a fashion lover, a watermelon red accessory can't go wrong.   JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag

Left: OOTD by @howimetmyoutfit | Right: OOTD by @antoniocelotto

The best gift comes from the heart  

When people receive your gifts, their reaction is where your happiness comes from. Don't forget to write him/her a heart-to-heart note. Just leave us your message before checkout. We will help you send it out with your order 

JumpFromPaper Cartoon Bag
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