JumpFromPaper FLASH SHOP in Taipei

Wowee!! we are just too excited as our “FLASH SHOP” is nowhere in Taipei and ready to unleash to you all,if you need to get going with your X’mas shopping but don’t know where to start,then JumpFromPaper FLASH SHOP is here to make things happen ☺

Opening this month at Eslite Spectrum Songyan ,the FLASH SHOP will be open daily until 8th January 2017.We’ll be showcasing our top selling of the years,also don’t miss our upcoming 17SS collection to get your pre spring mode on ☼ ☼ ☼

The space has been inspired by girls everyday life, so expect to find yourself looking at the mirror or get dressed and carry your bag like you are ready for the day to start !

We’ll be keeping you up to date with everything that’s happening at our FLASH SHOP over on Instagram & Facebook.
Soooooo if you want to start your X’mas with a little extra then come and get some inspiration in our shop… see u there ♡

☺ JumpFromPaper FLASH SHOP ☺

Sun-Mon 11am-10pm
Elite Spectrum Songyan Store,Taipei
(No.88,Yanchang Rd.,Xinyi Dist.,Taipei 110,Taiwan)