Girls are off to Okinawa

Pack up all your favorite clothes and don’t forget to carry your passport! Yes, you’re going TRAVELING. Winter has arrived and we are now having some cool breeze, it is time to let the tropical weather in Okinawa get you ready for a lovely girl’s trip ♡. Embrace the sun-kissed beach and the crystal-blue water, let’s check out how much fun did those little fashion models Ava and Ellie had during their family journey in Okinawa, and they also shared some thoughts about their ideal voyage.

Q : Would you tell me three favorite spots you like to go during weekends?
A : 1. The zoo. We like to look at animals and laugh at the sounds they make. It is fun
2. The playground. We can run and jump and yell. We always have fun here!
3. Airports. We always have fun at the airport because we know mom and dad are taking us somewhere fun.

Q : What’s your favorite activities?
A : We love swimming. It is so much fun. Going underwater and going down the slides. We really love we daddy plays like a shark.

Q : what kind of foods do you like?
A : We love pizza and ice cream. Every Friday we get to eat pizza and watch a movie. Then we eat ice cream.

Photo credit : Ava & Ellie
Editor : Cathy