Pack your bags! We’re taking you on a girl trip

Dreaming sweet escapes from the heat, draw influence from《Girl Trip》, we're now releasing our 16AW collection. Shot at North England (took 3.5 hours to be there and 6 hours back to London!!) by our favorite photographer Charlotte Rutherford who, Known for her 1988 sassy and recognizable style. We spent a whole day at a theme park near the coast, it was a very fun day! Each piece features woolen fabric with pastel hue, slip pockets for easy access to the interior and back pockets – The new AW collection shows the depth and versatility of JumpFromPaper – Oh yeah~Girls, get ready for some ad...

Tender Color by Laurence Philomene

Laurence is a 22 year old photographer and curator living in Montreal. Mentored by Ivan Shaw (executive photo director at Vogue) & Curator of Coven Collective and Camp Gallery. She is working around themed of femininity, identity and color theory. She created a tender series for JumpFromPaper a while ago, we're very obsessed of her sweet and soft yet thought-provoking images. Get to know Laurence:

JumpFromPaper X John Yuyi

Based in Taipei, John Yuyi is a creative works in design and photography with an artsy perspective and stylish vision in her artwork. Having worked on different projects, Yuyi is no stranger to expressing her contemporary concepts into a twist. We invited her to re-create the look book of our recent collaborative collection with The Rodnik Band. With a naughty attempt, she hide the bags from POP ART collection into daily life scene, exploring "Real or Fake" idea. We're pretty much obsessed with her images!

New Editorial with Gallery Girl Lizzy

Armed with a few camera, we walked around Shoreditch with photographer Donika and one of our online muse Lizzy to shoot an editorial feature with our current collaboration - POP ART collection - with The Rodnik Band. Photographer - Donika Lawrance Model - Lizzy Make up & Hair -Ziima Yosuke

JumpFromPaper X The Rodnik Band – POP ART Collection

We’re excited to announce our POP ART collaboration with London-based “The Rodnik Band”。We’ve been a huge fans of Philip Colbert (The mastermind behind)’s bold and almost unapologetic designs。As we’re both “wearable art”, we figured it’d be great to combine his crazy prints on our 2D bags。Banana, Cheese and popcorn..., yep we’re throwing a food party!

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